Sunday, January 15, 2017

Haiku for my Daughter

Go the fuck to sleep
Please wake up I miss you so
Go the fuck to sleep

© 2017 Lee Kitzis

Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Promise to My Daughter in the Wake of a Trump Presidency

We trudge through the snow
me in my pea coat
you in your pink snow suit
two months too big

I show you the garden
the celery is dying
and I promise you it will begin anew

as for everything else
I do not know

You are just grasping the fall colors
of a country
which is beautiful
and ill and tired

I can only explain the leaves

nothing else
just the colors
that will begin anew

I’ve failed you

We’ve failed you

but I will be the hammer for you

I will be the tornado

like a fighter past his prime

until we take our last walk

and look at the celery
and look at the leaves

and we will have our silence
as loud as thunder
as we breathe the air
and continue on

© 2016 Lee Kitzis

Friday, October 21, 2016

New Book!

Sheeeeee's Heeeeeerrreee!

The new book of poetry from Lee Kitzis! That's me!

No more readin' poems on the computer for you! You're reading poems on paper! Like the professor of a fancy college! Or a college drop-out with a book! Whichever!

Saturday, August 6, 2016

For Mingus the Cat

We were united in our mutual weirdness

writing partners

If you were a person
you’d be an installation artist
who wore nothing but Hawaiian shirts
and drank Night Train
out of a bowler cap

You saw the street
You saw the good life

You cared nothing for either
and took it to your death rattle

I would’ve traded a city block for you

but that’s not how life works

I do the next best thing
and leave the door to the attic open
when I write

like Jews
leave the front door open
for Elijah

in the hopes that you’ll wander up
and perch your dirty asshole on the railing
like old times

and watch me chug black coffee

and write through dirty glasses

swearing at stanza after stanza

missing you

I know it’s weird
I know it makes no sense

but humans never do

like the street
like the good life

like an empty attic
and some silly lines

© 2016 Lee Kitzis

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Everything Smells Like Breast Milk (A Poem on Fatherhood)

My wife’s kisses smell like breast milk

The baby’s head smells like breast milk

The plants smell like breast milk

The cats smell like breast milk

The mailman smells like breast milk

The sidewalk and the stoplights and the streets and the birds

The reverend and the rabbi and the bums and the stoners
and the fresh air at the beach

Titty milk
Titty milk
Titty milk

My receipt for creamer smells like breast milk

The cop writing a ticket smells like breast milk

The cage fighter smells like breast milk

My typewriter smells like breast milk

This poem smells like breast milk

Titty milk
Titty milk
Titty milk

12 AM
2 AM
5 AM

I’ll shout it from the top of a mountain

down below to the U.P.

Where the woman I love pumps away

and waits for me

© 2016 Lee Kitzis

Saturday, June 11, 2016


You came into this world
with the back hair
of a 50-year-old Greek man

The greatest day of my life
punctuating the worst 4 days of my life

in love
I held you to my chest
I kissed your head
you ate some of my chest hair

and that was it
I was hooked

I would console your screams

I would wipe your ass

I would chase away the boys
or the girls

I would find your lost scrunchy

I would buy you all the pretty things

withdrawing cash
and not charging it to the card

a technique daddy learned
to conceal his junk food and
lottery ticket purchases
from mommy

and we’d stick
that silly pretty thing
way down deep
in the daddy/daughter secret vault

and catch a Cubs game

and you’d have your favorite players

and mine would be dead or managers

and it will be ours

the whole thing

and nobody else’s

© 2016 Lee Kitzis